Zen and Samurai Tattoo

This tattoo is very popular in Japanese culture. Although it is not as popular as it is in America, it still has its own fans. Its design was detail and colorful; it also appeared in many ways and size. But since its detail, most of it is a large size tattoo.

The samurai tattoo symbolizes strength and courage. The word samurai itself was taken from the word “saburau”; meaning “to serve” and “to wait upon a person with higher class in society”.  Samurai live a life that represents honor, nobility and service. They also use Zen as a basic of their training and culture. Buddhism also teaches the samurai not to commit unnecessary kill because it show them the circle of life. It also taught samurai to conquer the fear of killing and death. They also taught to live to the fullest everyday like it is the last day of their life.

Your samurai tattoo can symbolize that you want to live your life to the fullest everyday like it was your last day and it can also to remind you how fragile life is. Nothing can grant our tomorrow. You can also choose the tattoo because you value the samurai and their way of life. The tattoo can be use as full back tattoo, full body tattoo or full sleeve tattoo.

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