Wings Tattoo Design

Wing tattoo design is a popular choice among tattoo enthusiasts because of so many designs and wings style.

Some style of wings tattoo design that famous among others are as follow :

1.     Angel wings tattoo design: many people want this design to be made in their back in order to look as if they really have wings and become angels

2.     Demon wings: similar to angel wings but have differences in color that tend to black and appears the spooky impression.

3.      Fairy wing: many are made by those who have a taste and high artistic imagination. But because of the character of feminism and beauty, fairy wing design is more popular among women than men.

4.     Butterfly wings: As with the design of fairy wings, butterfly wings design was popular to be made among women. It is usually made in the back, shoulder or waist so that it gives sexy impression.

For the design of the wings of angels and demons, usually made in a relatively large size, so you want to make it the full color version, be prepared with a higher cost. This is because the making is more complicated and for certain colors those are not made in one meeting.

Therefore, if it is too complicated and not really comfortable with the large size of tattoo, it is better if you choose a smaller wing tattoo, for example dragonfly wings tattoo…hehehe..

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