Wing Tattoo Design

A popular tattoo design among men and women, but mainly women is the wing tattoo design. Whether it’s a full back piece with two huge wings, or a smaller set of wings, all of them are beautiful. They can represent many different things based on the individual with the tattoo, but the obvious representation is flight. Let’s think about them at a different angle though, they can represent our dis-attachment from the earthly world and the connection to our spiritual being and soul. On earth we as humans are limited in our abilities, but in our spiritual form we are free to do whatever we want, and we can fly.

Personally for me the tattoo wings represent something more personal, and if you don’t mind I will explain. I don’t have the tattoo yet, but it’s in the works, my personal meaning behind them is my representation of being set free from an abusive relationship. They are my symbol of hope and courage and how I overcame a huge obstacle in my life. They can truly represent anything you want them to though. Some relate them to angel’s wings and how angles represent guidance and protection in our lives. Wings represent everything you can imagine from a fantasy and spiritual point of view.

For a man they could depict dragon wings and show that they are strong and fierce creatures, or they could take on a more personal meaning. The greatest thing about the wing tattoo design is its versatility. Maybe you don’t want a huge back piece covering the entire back, you can opt for a medium sized wing tattoo with other symbols or pictures intertwined in them. You can make them colorful, or keep them basic and leave them black with beautiful shading work.

It’s completely up to you to choose what works best. Be creative and imaginative and try to think outside the box. These are very popular and you might be more satisfied with your own unique version on this classic tattoo design.