When Getting Cool Foot Tattoos

Popularity of Foot Tattoos

It is now quite common to have tattoos on both hands and feet. Maybe because the celebrities start this trend that it is now becoming popular. After all, many people get tattoos because they want to look good and unique at the same time. Then when they see that the celebrities are getting these tattoos and look both unique and good, they do the same. However, there are things that you need to know before you commit to getting these parts inked.

Things to Know Before Getting Inked

However, when you decide to have cool foot tattoos, you need to know that those areas are more painful than the other areas such as the chest or back. The foot especially, has more intense pain then the hand. When you have started, then you must be committed to finish it. The reason is because the areas with fewer muscles will hurt more. The muscles are serving as padding and with fewer muscles, the needle will be closer to the bones and tendons. This will cause more vibrations from the tattoo machine that will resonate in these parts and the pain sensation will be more intense. Moreover, as the healing is faster in the feet, you may find premature spreading of the lines and often you need to get another touched up after it heals.

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