The Upper Back

The upper back of human’s body is considered as a location in which tattoo might not fit in well. It is true because, the main reason is that by tattooing the upper back it boasts the tattoo “too much”. Bigger problem even often experienced and felt by women, since tattooing the upper back could flaw their appearance when they are wearing open upper back dress. But, to some people tattooing the upper back part of the body is exactly the opposite. It is one of the best spot to create a tattoo because it can be seen easily and has a wide space, making it the best spot for wide, big and full of detail tattoo. There is also a lot of upper back tattoo design to be chosen.

Upper Back Design

Since the upper back has wide space to be used as a good spot for tattoo, size and the complexity of the tattoo must be highlighted. The best of upper back tattoo design is in its size and attractive point for showing off. The most common designs could be angel wings, which is spread wide across to both shoulders, with words which could result in a great combination for upper back tattoo.

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