At first, barbed wire was used to restrain cattle from wandering. Later on, it was also used in prison to keep the prisoners from escaping. If barbed wire has such negative connotation, so why do people want to have it tattooed on their body? The answer is simple enough, because barbed wire can also symbolize good things such as strength, courage and victory.

The history of barbed wire tattoo

Barbed wire tattoo is believed to have roots from Italian where prisoners come to get the tattoo to symbolize their time in prison. It is said that the bumber of spikes on the barbed wire represent the years they spend behind the bars. While in Rusia, barbed wire tatto was worn by convicts on their wrist or across their forehead. This is to show that they had been given life imprisonement for doing a capital crime such as murder.

The other meaning behind barb wire tattoo

Barb wire tattoo designs come with many variations. And with each variation, it has different meaning as well. The tattoo of barbed wire combined with a national flag can mean to show a soldier’s honor at serving his country. While when it is together with a heart or a dove spreading its wing, it symbolizes that the wearer has made peace with their past.

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