Tattoos used to be considered as part of the male world. Males are challenged to prove their bravery by accepting the pain in the process of making tattoo. There was even a time when women were condemned if they bold enough to display tattoos openly. However, nowadays, this gender bias has lost its standing. Now women are easily walk on by with tattoo lingering on their soft skin. Furthermore this also helps to reduce the negative implications that are attached to tattoos itself.

Going Tribal

It is not easy to choose a nice looking design for women. Most of tattoos design were so masculine and dominated by strong image such as skeletons, skulls and crosses. This left women with floral and cute designs. One type of tattoo that easily used by both gender is the tribal tattoo. This type of tattoo is considered as genderless. Males and females can easily choose any kind of design without being afraid that it is way too feminine or too masculine. The only way to determine the different between tribal tattoos for woman and for man is the way they were drawn. Tribal tattoos for women are somehow more curvy and flowery, while men’s are spikier.

Little Pretty Details

The female tribal tattoos also have a more delicate design, with thinner line and detailed curves. Some even resembled to vines or flower stem. Some others play with shapes and lines. Creating heart shaped tattoo or bird out of small lines that fitted together.

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