It is general if you have tattoo designs such as birds, flowers, leaf, or animals. Now, you can try to search the idea to find out the unique tattoo designs on the internet. By looking at the videos or images that give you benefit as the additional information to have the best tattoo design. On the other hand, you can also easily to find the ideas on the magazines which relate to fashion style.

It is important for tattoo lovers to have a unique design for his or her tattoos. Find out uncommon tattoo so that the others also will not have the same tattoo like you. Perhaps, you can combine with one thing to another, for example dragon with traditional kanji calligraphy or the combination of Yinyang with Chinese language. In this case, we would like to inform you to have a great traditional Japanese tattoos ideas to create different style.


This is one of the popular icons or creatures in Japan. Dragon is one of the animals which have fire-breathing and greedy. It also represented as wisdom, strength, power, and the weapon to protect the people around them. It is one of the reason why most of Japanese choose Dragon as the creatures of Japan.

Tiger or Tora

In Kungfu Panda, Tiger is one of the animal that is really perfect in fighting. They have fast movement and it considered as land animals by the Japanese. It represents strengths, power, and courage. Tiger is also considered as symbol of the North and autumn. It is better for you to combine the tiger with Japanese Kanji calligraphy.

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