Topical Script Tattoo Design

There are many celebrities that decorate their body with tattoos. You can take their tattoos for your consideration and try to tattoo yourself with similar theme. Since there are many celebrities and all of them has different personality, of course their choice for tattoo are different from one another. You should find one celebrity whose personality matches yours and take it as the first step before you decide what you want to tattoo on your skin.

Women Celebrities’  Tattoos

Female celebrities likes to go for tattoos like scripture or feminine shape. Nicole Richie has angel wings tattoo on her back, Pink has her first album barcode on the back of her neck, Scarlett Johansson has some kind of blue beach view on her forearm, Rihanna and Selena Gomez have roman numerals tattooed on their skin.

Script Tattoos on Celebrities

But two world class celebrities that are most famous if associated with tattoos are Victoria Beckham and Angelina Jolie. Comes from different continent from each other, both has the same love for tattoos. What is similar between them is they have many script tattoos on their skin. While they are not the only celebrities with script tattoos, they are the most famous ones.

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