Tattoo is the permanent painting (staining) on the skin of the body that are made by inserting pigment/color into the skin. In the outline of a tattoo is created using sharp objects so that cause and sign (bumps) on the surface of the skin, or by means of a hollow skin surface using a sharps form (needles), along with it the ink/colored liquid put under the skin’s surface.

Tribal tattoos, the Polynesian tattoos that come from such different meanings (ranks, achievements, high status) is the most popular tattoo wore not limited to which era the person live. Sometimes men and women today are getting tattoos and choose tribal in order not limited to be called cool, but also represent toughness and even a bit of intimidation with a bold abstract designs in black color. Most tribal tattoos are worn in many hands, chest, shoulders and back, or even all over the body.

Tribal tattoos are more complicated and maybe the pain last longer, but it does not reduce its fans to keep adding their tribal tattoos on shoulders. Many tribal tattoos on the shoulder that is radiating to the upper arm or even the whole arm in the right or left of the wearer. The design of the tattoo tribal itself has its own meaning in accordance with the desired of its user as if giving a sign that they are included in one tribe is strong and brave.

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