The piercing is the unique fashion, especially for woman. The woman can do the piercing on many part of their body. Actually the usual part of body which is for piercing is the ear, but you can do it to several parts of the body. The unique part for piercing is above the lips. This is very special place for you. The process of making the piercing on this location is not very painful.

The monroe piercing for woman

The piercing location which is special for woman is monroe piercing. The location is above the lips, so it will be very sexy. This location is only suitable for woman. The man will be weird if has the monroe piercing. Because, the woman and the man have their own piercing fashion. The process of making the piercing which is located above the lips is not too painful. So, you do not need to be worry about it.

The freedom of woman

Every woman in the democratic nation has a right for choose what they want, for dressing what they like; and also every woman has a liberation for piercing. But, they must be responsible for what they have done. Actually, there are several side effects when you do the piercing. There are risky parts of body which are too dangerous for piercing. So, be careful.

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