The Koi Tattoo


Koi is the short of Nishigikoi. They are of cornucopia colors and also they are rich of patters. Many people are amazed by them and keep them as pets. Koi prices can soar up very high when they are bigger. But the value of the Koi itself is priceless as they are very beautiful for most of its lovers. Having them swimming about in the pond can be a very nice view for many people.

Koi as Tattoo Design

As many people are fascinated by this creature, many simply cannot resist having it attached to them every single day and this is the reason why they keep this creature as tattoo. After all, tattoo is a life time commitment and therefore you want a design that you will never grow tire of. A design like the best koi fish tattoo designs. Another reason why people love koi is because it is considered to bring good luck for the owners or in this case, the owner of the tattoo for the Japanese. Not only that, there are tales of bravery, unrelenting determination and also strength attached to this beautiful fish. Lots of tales are telling about them and how they are rewarded to become a dragon at the end of the tale.

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