If you look for a tattoo that symbolizes motherhood and femininity, you might want to try the moon tattoo designs. Philosophically, the moon itself has lots of associations with the stars, the sun, the earth, and ancient mythology. And as for the motherhood representation comes from both western and eastern astrology.

The moon itself has many roles in making the whole universe balance. The moon even controls the way the earth spins on its axis. The moon itself has the role to maintain the tides height at night. Just like a mother, the moon has many roles that affects many things in the universe.

If you’re a mother, could simply imply that by making this tattoo design as your body accessory. The moon tattoo designs come with many options. Whether you want the moon to sit by itself, or you could add additional things such as stars, cloud, or even fairy that sits in the moon.

Or you might want to just have fun with the design idea comes from the Dreamworks Animation, which there is a boy with fishing rod sitting in a moon. The thing is, be daring to just try out some inspirational designs.

There are a lot of websites that provide many tattoo design ideas including the moon design. But make sure you choose the right tattoo parlor to make your moon tattoo to be more alive.

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