The Eccentric Salvador Dali Tattoos

Salvador Dali

Who does not know Salvador Dali? This man is truly one of a kind. Maybe that is why he is known as one of the most eccentric characters in our history. He also behaved strangely. However, it actually made him able to express his eccentricity in different ways, mostly through paintings. And because of how unique and strange his creations are, people are interested to make them as tattoo designs. We even have several designs of Salvador Dali tattoos that are made based on his arts alone.

Many Choices of Tattoo Designs

Salvador Dali tattoos are very varied. It could be his portrait or it could be one tattoo that is inspired by his so many unique and eccentric artworks. Of course people have reasons to use his portrait as the design of their tattoos. First of all, his expression is truly remarkable and we could say funny. With eyes wide open and curled mustache, this man expression has never been mistaken with expression of other characters. But if you adore his creations, you could also use one of his paintings as your tattoo design. The clock, the animals, and other objects he made have unique characteristics you might like.

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