The Feminine Design

The butterfly tattoo designs are one of those tattoos that are often used by the ladies. This is among the most popular feminine tattoo that never seems to grow out of date. These feminine tattoos are large in variety of colors and also in shapes. You can go for black, or you can go with red. No matter what color you like, you will find a butterfly design to match your likes.

The Butterfly Tattoo

As girls are more delicate than men, they want a tattoo that can enhance their feminine side and their beauty. Butterflies are nothing but grace and beauty after all. That is why butterflies match the personality of most the ladies. Moreover, the butterfly can be turned to tribal too. Although many people choose butterfly, but seldom do these people have the same tattoos. That is just how wide its variety is. This can also be the perfect body to impress the men around these ladies. Many men are attracted to ladies with tattoos but these men are usually not interested to the ladies with the same masculine tattoo as theirs. That is why going with more feminine tattoo such as butterflies, flowers and stars can be the solution for the ladies.

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