The Bible and Tattoo

If we are talking about religion, the Bible is actually against tattoo. In the Levicticus 19 : 28, it is stated that Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print or tattoo any arks upon you: I am the Lord. But it has been long since the society resist tattoos. Tattoos have become very much and everyday thing in the society. It is even considered to be art. In a way, it is art. It may be one of the most difficult art because body is so unlike canvas or paper. Bodies have curves and they have the ability for certain movements and the best tattoo artist have to be able to consider the placement and how their design can change when the bodies move in certain ways.

The Bible Verse Tattoo

It may be against the bible to tattoo your body but the trend says otherwise. It is quite trendy now to have Bible Verses tattooed on your body. Sometimes we are just to amazed by a teaching in the Bible that we want it to be visible to our eyes and close to our heart by tattooing it on our body. This trend has been popular for years now and people simply never got tire of it. For whatever reason, the Bible Verse Tattoos Trends is still popular.

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