The Art of Horse Tattoo Design

A tattoo is an art of body painting. It is made by inserting the coloring ink into the layer of skin which changes the pigment of skin. Tattooing body became tradition in several cultures in some country. Almost of them has many traditional custom of meaning from each tattoo design. Most of traditionally tattoo design related to nature such as animal, plants or imaginary animal. This might be related to their live in nature environment which they are dependent on. In many countries, many tribes still live in deep of forest and depend on nature. Tattoo become their sign to honor the nature. Horse Tattoo Design becomes the most popular animal in tattoo design.

Why should Horse Tattoo Design? Horse in some tribe means power of men. Horse shows the strength of men as strong creature.  There’s some creative and unique design in horse tattoo. Referring to their myth and their means as strong creature, there are several imaginary horse created. Pegasus and Unicorn are example about the imaginary horses which have significant mythology in several cultures.

In addition, the color of horses becomes another reference to chooses tattoo design. White horses are more popular than brown or black horse. This may be related to the myth that white horses associated as warrior ride. So, which color design you will ink? It depends on your favorites design.

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