Tattoo for many people becomes inseparable part of their life. Some people think that tattoo is just the representation or arrogance but we can make sure that people will not follow the method for painting tattoo which is painful if the tattoo does not have special meaning for their life. The tattoo which is applied in their body is varied. People can apply tattoo which cover large part of their skin but some people choose to apply the small tattoo such as tattoo flash art. There are some ideas which can be used with special meaning behind it.


Anchor can be simple thing but when it is made into tattoo, people can get anchor tattoo which is made with artistic touch. This tattoo will represent the stability just like the real anchor which brings the stability of the ship for sailor. This tattoo usually will be seen quite often with the important women of sailor life such as mother or sweetheart.


Heart tattoo can be quite familiar for many people who love tattoo. Tattoo is applied with the meaning of love of their life. This is chosen a lot by many sailors who want to bring their heart along even when they are far away on the ocean.

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