There are a lot of methods to symbolize your message through tattoo nowadays. Some of them try to make the symbol more meaningful but secretive. Some of them don’t really care about the meaning, but the exotic style of tattoo itself. Chinese tattoo design is one of the unique method to express the message and art at the same time. If you‘re curious on how it work that way, why don’t you prove it by yourself?

Chinese wisdom is really popular in philosophy and literature studies. Many of them are practiced directly and indirectly in life. The unique characteristic of Chinese wisdom is the use of single letter to express multiple interpretations. One Chinese character can have many meanings, that’s what make it really interesting. You can either carve only one Chine characters or make it like a scroll letter on your skin. Both ways equal exotic.

Carving animal symbol, be it for astrological purpose or not is really popular nowadays. Some animals in Chinese literature symbolize certain human’s characters. People carve dragon to express the strength, monkey to express the smartness or horse for loyalty. Showing people your Chinese astrological symbol is also attractive. The interesting fact is you can either express this thing by Chinese letters of animal painting. Chinese tattoo design is never boring in many ways.

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