Swallow Tattoos Design and Ideas

Once upon a time, there is a story says that if a sailor has sailed for more than five thousand kilometers, he will make a swallow tattoo on his body. The further he sails, the more swallow tattoos he will have. This kind of bird is well known as the symbol of a succeeded sailor. But now you can have the swallow inked into your skin without the compulsion to sail far away.

Swallow Bird Tattoo Art Design

There are a lot of designs of swallow that can be applied into a tattoo art, from a single flying one to a couple or more of that. Generally it is accompanied with nautical symbols. You can also choose the best color that fits you, whether it is going to be all black or colorful like a phoenix. Some people like their swallow in blue, just like the sailors had. Don’t worry where to put the bird, because anywhere of the body can be the best place for it.

Beside to show the successfulness of a sailor, the bird is also inked into the art lovers because there is a legend tells us about the bird’s loyalty to its couple. So it means that if you want to show your loyalty to your couple, just have that bird inked into your skin.

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