Sun Tattoo Designs

We all know that sun tattoo designs can represent many kinds of things. Most ancient civilization sees sun as the representation of life.  Well, it is quite understandable since without the sun, mankind won’t be able to live. Besides life, sun also can be seen as the symbol of fertility and vitality. Some other people also see the sun as the ability of healing power. Well, some ancient civilization also sees sun as their god. Well, we all know about Ra, the sun god of Egypt.

Besides as life, some also associate sun with the representation of power. Some of them like in china see sun quite associate with the term of dragon and phoenix. As we do know, both of them are the mythical creatures which quite powerful. Some religions like Christianity see sun also as the representation of life and rebirth.

It is true that some people don’t care about that kind of stuff. They put some sun tattoo designs on their body because they love it. There is nothing wrong about it. Some people also believe that putting sun tattoo also brings some luck. Well, that is how it is. Tattoo is quite related with superstitious and art after all.

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