Literally, quotes mean the a phrase or a passage taken from a book or the words of public figures. Usually people use quote to give more elaboration on what they are talking about, to drive the point home, so to speak. You can put your favorite quotes on your journal, set them as your computer’s wallpaper, or you can tattoo it on your body.

Why Tattoo Quotes?

Quote is not simply words taken from another work, or another person. But is can also mean inspirations that drive you, your principles in life. Tattooing your favorite quote on your skin, not only it will be a reminder of your own principle, but it can also help you to convey your idea to others. And that is why tattoo quote is quite popular nowadays. There are several ways to make your stunning tattoo quotes ideas even more stunning, one of them is by adding motifs or designs that can make your quote more meaningful.

Where to Put Them?

When it comes to where to put them, it all depends on how long the quotes are. If the quote is short, only consists of four or five words, you can easily have it anywhere that can be seen easily, like your upper arm or leg. For longer quotes, you can put it along your spine or near your shoulderblades.

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