Just like flower tattoo, stars are also women’s favorite. It is so feminine and pretty. Nowadays, there are two types of stars that are widely used as star tattoo design ideas– the Pentagram and Nautical Stars. The stars bear the meaning of hope, aims, purpose, dream, protection, and safety.

Combined for Greater Look

Star tattoo designs can easily combined with other design just like wings, tribal design, floral vines, or even with other sky objects just like the sun or the moon. Stars tattoo also flexible with the location. You can put the tattoo everywhere. All you need to know is just adjusting the size. When you want to go big and wild, you can have your entire back turned into a night sky full of stars. Shooting stars can also used as the design you would like to have on your back. But if you want to make it simple and small, stars design never ends.

Make it Personal

Choosing a good design is should be something personal because you are going to use it for a long time. Fail to choose a design that we like might end up in a disaster. Make sure that you understand whatever the tattoo is symbolizing; you do not want to give a wrong impression just because you choose the wrong design.

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