Having permanent tattoo is a big decision. If you unsure about it, you can always put temporary tattoo as the option. In the past, this kind of tattoo will only have limited design and color. You can also find the different easily between the permanent and the temporary one. Even if you do not want to keep the tattoo forever, the temporary durability will be a good point if you do not want to reapply the tattoo too often.

Temporary Airbrush Tattoo

You can have Sophisticated Temporary Airbrush Tattoos for better experience. This kind of temporary tattoo actually work slightly different compared with the basic temporary tattoo. The artist will have the freedom to put the element that you need. It makes the process a little bit similar with the permanent tattoo.  You can also bring your own tattoo stencil for unique application.

Temporary Tattoo Maintenance and Removal

To keep the temporary tattoo last longer, you must keep it dry. It is important not to rub the tattoo to dry the tattoo. Do not wear any tight cloth to prevent the tattoo being smudged. You can apply baby power to keep it dry. To remove the tattoo, you can let it naturally or using oil based product such as the baby oil and suntan lotion.

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