Snake Tattoo Designs

Snake is the most dangerous poisoned in the land. Although they are dangerous animals some people still adore them.  People adore their ability in defends and attack their victim. In general, snake belonging into reptile animal. They live in dry climate. Snake become for signs for such dangerous sign or symbol. For example, if you ever seen the icon of doctor unity. They use snake which enlace a glass which symbolize poison. In India, snake becomes holly animal together with elephant and monkey. Snake depicted as Vishnu’s pet that enlace in his neck. Nowadays, young people who love tattoo art make Snake Tattoo Designs in their body become phenomenon. The tattoo has become phenomenal in some country which has some communities or have criminal intense.

Snake Tattoo Designs becomes popular such as dragon or other animal tattoo. This tattoo designs popular since snake rarely becomes communities or mafia tattoo especially in China. Mafia in China rarely use snake as their tattoo and identify their member by its tattoo. Because of that fact, nowadays, tattoo becomes taboo in China. Person who tattooed their body, are identifiably with criminal.

Although tattoo becomes the art of body painting, but till now, tattoo generally associated with criminality and social groups that stigma in negative stigma. By the increasingly number of tattooed women, the stigma of tattoo as criminality identity fading with the time. Tattoo becomes artistic art which acceptable with all gender and ages.

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