Some people maybe have kind of thought that tattoos must be identical with men. Men will look more masculine with the right tattoo but recently, there are more and more women who decide to express their personal selves through tattoo. In fact, tattoo is seen as way for women improving their sexiness. Sexy tattoo for women maybe is identical with lower back tattoo but in fact, Sexy Sleeve Tattoos for Women is getting popular as well among women to build up their sexy side through tattoo. There are some ideas of sexy tattoo which can be applied in women’s sleeve.

Koi Fish

Japanese themed tattoo will always be interesting and give sexy touch for women because Japan has very long history about tattoo. Women will love to apply the koi fish which is associated with prosperity on their sleeve with more varied colors with current inks. It can be traditional tattoo design but it is obviously will give sexy impression for women sleeve.\


Floral design is kind of very classic option of tattoo design but flower will also have kind of association with women a lot. It is also popular options of sleeve tattoo design which can have various meaning according to the type of floral design which is chosen.

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