Sailor Jerry or Norman Keith Collins was a famous tattoo artist in the United State. He is known for his work on sailors, which gave him the nick name “Sailor Jerry”. Collins learned the art of tattooing from a man who called himself “Big Mike”. He is from Palmer, Alaska. Collins started his training by sing the hand-pricking method. However in the late 1920s another tattoo artist taught him how to use a more modern tool.

His Everlasting Legacy

After the death of Collins, his two protégés, Ed Hardy and Mike Malone along with a clothing company decided to build Sailor Jerry Ltd. This is going to handle all Collins’ legacy, such as letters, art and flash. They also incorporated Sailor Jerry Tattoos Shapes into clothing. Some of the popular Sailor Jerry Tattoos Shapes are Bottles of booze, Wild cats, Snakes, “Aloha” monkey, eagles, falcons and some other birds of prey, Swallows, motor heads and pistons, Nautical stars, dice, anchor,  guns and other weapons.

Eastern Influence

Collins’ attention to detail was said to be so precise that his nautical tattoos’ rigging was so accurate. He is also the first one who popularized the single-use needles and to apply autoclave for sterilization. It is said that he is heavily influenced by the mysticism of the Far East.

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