Tattoo is one of art that you can easily find today, or maybe you have one. There are many different tattoo styles that you can find. One of the most popular tattoos would be the Russian prison tattoos. There are many designs that you can find in this tattoo style and each of them has different meaning. Here are some of them.

The Cathedral Design

The cathedral or church design on Russian Prison Tattoos is one of common design that you can find on many criminal that have been locked up in Russia. The design is like most of church that you can find all around the world. However, the image has special meaning. The amount of tower in the tattoos resembles the amount of time the person with tattoo spends in prison. Or, it also describe how many times the person go in and out prison.

The Stars

This is the design that many people use. Usually, they make this tattoo on their knee, shoulder and other part of their body. The stars on the knee mean that that person never bows to other. If you find the star tattoo on the shoulder, it means that that person has high position in the neighborhood. And, there are many other Russian Prison Tattoos that you can find.

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