Rook Piercing for Women

The piercing has become popular in the early of 1990. At that time, there was a magazine that contained a unique fashion for woman, one of the unique ones is the piercing. This fashion actually is usual, but if the piercing is done in the unusual part of body it will be the unique one and little bit extreme fashion for woman. Actually, the woman at the beginning did not like to use the piercing.

The rise of piercing fashion

After the feminist movement which bring the freedom idea for woman and the equality of gender, the woman begun to use the piercing. They use it for showing themself that they are women who have a freedom. The movement gave the impact into the fashion mode. The fashion which is regarded as the male fashion begun to be adopted by the female fashion. And the woman has begun use the piercing on their part of body.

Women show their freedom

The rook perching is one of the piercing variations. This is located above the tragus. The rook piercing is not really painful. So, many women prefer to this piercing to bridge piercing which is very painful in the process of making it. The woman will fell that they have a freedom to choose what fashion for themselves without intervention by the male culture.

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