Owl Tattoo Design Ideas

Popular Tattoo Designs

Own tattoos design ideas are one of the most used animal for tattoos. Owls can be used by both male and female because it can have both masculine and feminine interpretations. That is why, both genders are able to proudly shown the tattoos to the world. Owls are seen as the animal of wisdom and many people would like to get these characters to help them become a better person. Owls also often associated with the Hindu culture as well as Celtic and Native American culture.

Best Tattoo Designs

One of the best tattoo designs are the demure owl tattoo. The owl is not only representing wisdom, but can also symbolize modesty. This design looks cute but can have the same deep representation. However, this design is usually better in the female than male. Another owl idea is the totem owl. An owl is present in many cultures and myths. That is why you can easily link it also with the Indian culture and create it to look like a totem. Full length owl tattoo is similarly great as a tattoo idea. The entire body of an owl can be converted into a remarkable tattoo design, complete with its sharp yellow eyes and its hunting claws.

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