Progress of time and culture has made some improvement to every aspect of life. One aspect that has significance concrete sample is Tattoos. In old days, Tattoos has just use by prisoner to identify that person has a criminal background. But in now day Tattoos become a lifestyle for some people. By the good looking prospect of tattoo, appears tattoo shop. Especially for retro tattoos, that tattoos has unique value. Retro style tattoo has survives from old era and can imply to social culture each era. Based the style there has two major style for this tattoos; traditional and contemporary.

Traditional Retro

The style using old era model tattoos, mostly use black color ink to draw the body of costumer. This tattoos art begin to use at America and become popular at that time, this can be seen by many basic element of retro tattoos art still exist until now.

Contemporary Retro

Based on old model tattoos and combine it with art of the modern era, this style begin to use color ink to draw the tattoos. Contemporary retro has become an expression of designer tattoos modern era to create which adapt old with modern looks. It is something that seen simple but difficult to realize this style.

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