Octopus Tattoo Design

Tattoo design becomes variety and unique nowadays. The designs not only pictures of imaginary animals, plants, or names of someone beloved, place, and communities, but also the pictures of real animal around us. Real animal means in around us becomes tattoo art inspirations to make new designs of tattoo. One of them is octopus tattoo design. These tattoos draw the unique of squid or octopus in the sea.

Octopus has unique appearance with their eight legs around them. Where do you can see other animal with eight legs in the sea? We can only see octopus as the only animal which has eight legs in the sea. People make octopus tattoo design because they are interested into octopus character itself. The character of octopus which move slowly but when they feel threaten by other creatures, they will put outside black dark ink to make their enemy cannot see them. Because of these unique weapons, one cartoon character has been created.

The character namely Squid ward.  It is a character in SpongeBob Square pants cartoon movie. The character depicted as egoist and lazy character. He is enemy of the main character, SpongeBob.  They work together in a burger restaurant where the octopus becomes the cashier. The cartoon become popular in kids and famous in many country.

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