Tattoo is known as skin drawing which will last permanently on your skin. Latest technology allows you to remove your permanent tattoo, but it is very expensive since it uses laser to remove your tattoo. Also, removing permanent tattoo with laser will hurt you more than getting your skin tattooed. If you are not ready with the consequences, it is better if you are not trying to have a tattoo. However, some of you maybe feel curious about the feeling of having tattoo. Therefore, as a test, you can choose temporary tattoo.

Three Weeks Tattoo

Temporary tattoo usually uses Black Henna Tattoo. It is made of crushed leaves and twigs of henna plant. That is why it is more temporary than the permanent tattoo. If you have this temporary tattoo, it will need two to three weeks until it is disappear. However, it depends on the type of your skin and how thick the henna applied to your skin.

The Effect of Henna Tattoo

Many people said that Black Henna Tattoo will seriously mess up with your skin. There are many people who get allergic after they had it. Actually, it only happens if the tattoo is not made of the real henna. That is why you should make sure of its origin before you have henna tattoo.

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