Nose Piercing Ideas

People of course have many ways for expressing their personality. The most important thing is that they want to look good and confident with their appearance but they will not forget to add the personal touch to their appearance. It is sure that there are various ways which people can take including by applying piercing in their body. There are various kinds of piercing which can be found but nose piercing must be one of the most popular options.

Types of Nose Piercing

There are some variations which people can choose when they want to apply piercing on their nose. Nostril becomes the most common place of nose where people will put the piercing. People are also able to place the piercing in the septum which is the cartilage wall located between the nose chambers at the nostrils bottom. Some people also live to place the piercing on the bridge surface of nose between their eyes.

Types of Nose Jewelry

People can choose various kinds of jewelry for the piercing in nose after all. The popular jewelry which can be found is ring as well as the studs which are called pins or bones as well. There is some other jewelry which is chosen for piercing nose including screw, u-bend, as well as spikes.

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