Tattoo is one of the way to express ourselves and also to decorate our body. It is used both by men and women. Yet, the design for women is usually more feminine and pretty. Because of that, mermaid is often chosen by women since it represents a hybrid of fish and a beautiful woman. Before talking more about Mermaid Tattoos Designs,let’s talk about what mermaid is.

The Story of Mermaid

Mermaid is a mythological creature in the form of the upper human part and lower fish part. Although many sailors in the past claimed that they used to see mermaids, many people believe that what the sailors saw were in fact mannatees. They were just too tired that they hallucinated about mermaid. Yet, mermaid is actually found on Greek and Japanese mythologies. Although the existence is still doubted, many are in love with the idea of mermaid. The fact that mermaid is a beautiful and unique creature is undeniable.

Mermaid Tattoos Designs For You

If you want to have a mermaid tattoo, there are so many designs available for you. You can choose the character from Disney for a more playful mermaid or choose the mermaid depicted on Greek myth. Either way, mermaid indeed is an interesting choice of tattoo and certainly will make your look more attractive.

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