Mermaid tattoos Design

Interests in Mermaid Tattoo Designs

Mermaids have become a popular marine folklore for the longest time and we do not see that it would stop being such a popular story anytime soon. There is a good part of people who believe this mystical creature actually exists and because of how mysterious it is, some folks even want it to be inked on their bodies. But before you choose from those fascinating mermaid tattoos design, you might as well know some facts about mermaids.

About Mermaids

This kind of folklore is really popular in Japan and also in the western countries like Rome and Greek. It tells a story about beautiful sea creatures that are not exactly fish because they have human upper bodies. Some people in said countries above believed these things existed because they often witnessed those mermaids sitting on rocks in the shallow end. Those creatures would attract sailors and try to make their ships come closer to them. And of course the ships would end up crashing into that rocks. Getting mermaid tattoos, for a lot of people, show their fear, superstition, or just their fascination of these mystical and mysterious creatures that could not be proven by many.

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