Medusa Piercing for Women will talk about medusa piercing for women. One of the trend fashion of female in this year is piercing. Recently, many women are trying the piercing. This kind of fashion actually is usual one. But if the location of piercing is not on the usual location, this fashion cannot called as usual fashion. The extreme people try to do piercing on the many parts of their body. This is actually dangerous, but they have a freedom to do that. And the woman also has a freedom to do what they want.

The piercing is painful, so only people who can restrain their pain who can do the piercing. So, the woman who has piercing other part of body is a woman who has ability for restraining the pain well. There are several kinds of piercing which is very painful, such as bridge piercing. But, the woman can choose the one which is not too painful.

The medusa piercing is one of the piercing variations which is not too painful. The medusa is located above the lips and under the nose. So, this location actually is unusual location for piercing, which is commonly in the ears. So, by having the medusa piercing, the woman will be a unique person.

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