Meaning of Raven Tattoo Designs

Raven Symbolism

Some people said that a raven is a symbol of ill omen or even death. This may be the reason why people see a raven, they will turn away and look elsewhere. Ravens are solo mode creatures and they move about in their own mysterious ways. Moreover, they have their own distinct sound and dark look. These may be the reasons why people find the creatures to be bizarrely scary. But this notion may be too superstitious. Even though you will also often see these dark descriptions on many movies, but they just do not justify the truth of this symbolism. In fact, according to Celtic symbolism, a raven is the symbol of Morrigan, a Celtic Goddess, and the bravery in battles.

The Raven Tattoo Design

If you ever consider to have raven tattoo designs on one of your body parts, then you should not be turned down by its false interpretation. In fact, you may be inspired by the bravery symbolism of the raven instead of having a crooked raven with blood or skull on its feet. There are plenty of handsome looking raven tattoo design inspirations online for you to work on your own design and finally get a unique raven look.

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