Marine Corps Tattoos can give a sense of identity. Marine Corps have some variety of logos. One of the most popular logos is a bulldog.  Bulldog can be considered as the mascot of the marines. Back to the recruiting area in World War One, the marines were called as Devil Dogs. Not only that, they also have the motto in Latin “ Semper Fidelis” which means “Always Faithful”.

The Faithful Dogs

The bulldogs and the motto is something that you will likely see as a Marine corps tattoo. Those words can be written across Marines back or circling the arm with a scroll or along with American flag. Eagle also a popular symbol that usually chosen by Marine Corps. Sometimes the eagle is drawn with an anchor. Eagle symbol of Marine Corps tattoos is the most popular design. Eagle is the symbol of freedom and adding anchor to it makes us think of the unsinkable. There is also the globe symbol that can mean anything.

Display Your Identity

For those of you who would like to show the love of freedom, you can choose those designs. Once you get the tattoo done, you might want to display it with pride. Whatever the design you choose, make sure that you choose those with the meaning that you would like to present.

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