Tattoo can be the way to show masculinity for men. This of course can only be reached if the tattoo design you choose is right. One of the designs that you can choose is marine corps. As we all know, marine corps mostly consist of tough men whose job is to protect the country. In another words, marine corps are our country heroes. If you are interested with marine corps tattoos, you can choose some Marine Corps Tattoos Designs that will be discussed further in this article.

Marine Corps Tattoos Designs

If you relate marine corps with tattoo designs, the first one that comes to your mins is probably the image of anchor. It is quite understandable as marine corps most of the time work on the sea. Other designs that you will find on marine corps tattoos are animals like Bulldogs and Eagles. These two animals are chosen for historical reasons. The Bulldogs design is chosen because when marine corps are recruited, they are often seen as devil dogs. As for eagle, it’s the animal that is perceived as the important animal for this country and so is for marine corps.

Other Marine Corps Tattoo Design

There is also one other tattoo design for marine corps that you can choose. It is the phrase in Latin words “Semper Fidelis” which means always faithful.

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