Making Small Wrist Tattoo

Some people, especially teenagers, are desperately to have a tattoo in their hand, but due to many reasons, they delay the plan. It could be a week, a month or a year, but since small wrist tattoo comes to the surface, they get “fresh air” to do their tattoo plan without knowing that there are some rules applied.

Everybody knows that having a tattoo is painful, but if it is done in thick area, it will be painless. Unfortunately, wrist is listed on think skin area where the pain will be more killing than making tattoo in other areas in the body. The more important is how safety the tattoo is. The needle of the tattoo is possible hurting the vessels in the hand. In fact, vessels in hand have significant importance to our life, so people, let’s think it carefully before making a tattoo.

Okay, if you insist on writing something in your wrist, but avoid from painting these names in your small wrist tattoo. First, never make a tattoo from your boyfriend, girlfriend or partner’s name no matter how you love that person so much. Second, never write your child name in your tattoo just because you want to see it every time.

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