If you consider yourself as a free personality, one of the ways to express that can be in the form of putting a tattoo on your body. It’s because not everyone has the guts to put a permanent ink on their body and if you do, maybe you are indeed the brave one. As for the place to put the tattoo on your body, there are several good spots like arms of wrist. However, if you want a sexy spot, lower back can be the perfect choice for you. Many people consider back body part as sexy and lower back is even sexier.

Tattoo Designs for Lower Back

When talking about Lower Back Tattoo Designs Ideas, people often relate it with feminine images like flowers, butterflies, or birds. The reason is lower back is women’s favourite spot for tattoos as it is located on a sexy area of women’s body. The most used colors for lower back tattoo are blue or purple. Yet, pink and green are also the favourite ones. Either way, as long as you get the right tattoo, you will look attractive no matter what design you choose.

Why Lower Back

People choose lower back as it often associated with sexiness. You can flaunt it while you are wearing your bikini or wearing your tight shirt.

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