Lip Piercing Ideas

It is sure that people are free to make decision about their life and their body. It becomes their privilege to choose the cloth which they want to wear and we can make sure that they also be free to place piercing on any part of their body. Piercing is not a new thing for modern people recently and actually it comes from the traditional culture many years ago. People are free to choose the part of their body where they will apply the piercing but there must be kind of common place to place the piercing such as lips. In fact, many people choose to make lip piercing for expressing their personality more.

The idea for making piercing can be found from various places including from the celebrities. There are some types of piercing which is taken from the celebrity’s name. There is Monroe piercing which is placed on the person’s left hand side upper lip slightly off the center. There is also Madonna piercing which is done the Monroe piercing opposite.

People can also find the piercing on lips with direction type such as horizontal piercing which is rare and goes through the bottom lip with coupled curved barbell. There is also vertical piercing which is placed with different direction from the horizontal one.

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