Lightning Tattoo Designs

Lightning tattoo design is a classic design whose making looks easy. A tattoo design that became well-known as the boom in the Harry Potter films that have a lightning mark on his forehead.

Here are some lightning tattoo designs that provide inspiration to dare for experiment:

Simple bolt of lightning: This one is really simple. Usually the guys will make it on the arms and would look very striking. And for women will usually make it in a smaller size and their favorite place is on the neck or behind the ears. Easily if want to hide just only covered with hair.

Lightning bolt designs on the shoulder: the design on the body part will look very nice with bright colors such as blue or red combination to make it look flashy.

Ballons with red lightning: At first this seems strange combination, but after carefully seen in long time, it will bring a strange sensation. You can also add a picture so that the balloon will be visible cloud fly.

Acute hello kitty with lightning: an unusual combination, combine Hello Kitty with lightning.

Various other combinations you can try to get out of the mainstream and create a new trend in tattoo art. Moreover, now the design technology is highly accessible so that before making a tattoo

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