Why Stars?

When you see people with stars as their tattoos, you may be asking why. Well, it can be considered as very obvious as why they are chosen. Stars are bright and beautiful when they shine in the night sky. Not only that, stars also present in many beliefs. The Jewish believes in the Star of David. The Hindu associated star with their goddess, Lakshmi. The Islamic has star and crescent as part of their Moslem symbol.  Stars are also present in many other religions and beliefs and therefore, no matter what your belief and religion is, you can always find a connection to a star.

Celebrities with Star Tattoo

Many women celebrities choose star tattoos designs to beautify their body. The adventurous Ashlee Simpson chose a simple outlined star tattoo to put on her wrist. Kate Hudson has a similar tattoo as Ashlee but she put it on her left foot and in term of size, the tattoo is barely visible. Former Spice Girl who was known as Ginger Spice also put a shining star at her back. Pink also has a star in her back, but unlike the others, she inked her back with an angel and a shooting star but in the same monochrome color.

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