Koi Fish Tattoo Designs

The koi fish tattoo design has gained more popularity over the years. It’s extremely versatile and looks great on either men or women. The koi fish is an exquisitely beautiful fish and its background culture is from the Chinese and Japanese. Some people choose the koi fish because of its beautiful look and the play with many different colors, and some choose it because of its meaning and background.

The koi fish belongs to the carp family of fish and it originally came from the Chinese but it’s now recognized to correlate more with the Japanese. The fish has been featured in many different stories and legends spanning from both Chinese and Japanese cultures, and the Japanese also enjoy eating this fish as well. You can come across these fish in the wild, but they don’t have the unique and colorful designs that we are used to, they are just a dull gray color. A farmer decided he wanted to breed the koi fish with another fish and it came out with a bright and colorful orange color. They soon began to breed them with other colored fish and the color varieties are now seemingly endless.

The koi fish are seen as a highly sought after prize and come at a high cost if someone wishes to purchase one. Some people breed them for the sole purpose of entering them into contests and they win prizes based on how colorful each person’s koi fish is. According to some of the stories and folklore, koi fish are supposed to be able to swim up a waterfall, and if they do they will then turn into giant majestic dragons. People usually have their own interpretation to the koi fish and why they choose to tattoo them on their bodies. The most popular would be because the koi fish represent luck and they are extremely powerful fish.

The tattoo designs with koi fish come in many forms and colors. You can choose a unique design are your own or you can choose something that is more popular. Koi fish can be tattooed by themselves or you can add water elements, lotus flowers, or anything your heart desires. The most popular color choice is bright orange, but there are some extremely beautiful color designs that go outside of the orange hue.