Before deciding on having a tattoo on your face, you might need to think long and hard. Since the face is the part of your body that mostly attracts people’s attention, adding a tattoo will even further enhance this. Choosing the wrong design might make you regret it for the rest of your life.

Get a Professional

Because of the location is really vital, you cannot just choose any tattoo artist to do the magic for you. Not all tattoo artists will agree to do it anyway. Not only that the face skin is very delicate and difficult to work with, but also a small mistake will be fatal. Some tattoo artists rather choose to stay out of it. Once you get a good tattoo artist to do the job, you can start by choosing the right design. There is not much empty area to work on the face, so choose a simple but elegant design. Some face tattoos ideas can be taken in a form of floral design or swirling design. Choose a design that you really like because it will stay there forever.

Cultural Impact

Having face tattoo can have an impact to your personal life. Since there is no way to hide the tattoo, you may find that there are limited job available for you. Some institution especially the conservative ones do not accept employee with tattoos on their face.

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