There are so many Hollywood stars that have tattoos on their body. The reasons are different from one to another. We can see some symbols of their private life or their success and some of them just like the designs and like to get tattooed. Some celebrities have simple tattoos and some others have such serial tattoos that become the symbols of their life.

Simple tattoos on Celebrities

We can find some celebrities have simple and small tattoos on their feet or arms such as Charlize Theron, Jessica Alba, Vanessa Hudgens, and Beyonce Knowles. They look really nice and for those who don’t like the huge amount of tattoos, surely those simple and small tattoos on celebrities can be inspiration. Simple tattoos on the right place can be really lovely and interesting. Look at those tattoos on them and you will see how it suits them much.

Small Tattoos on Celebrities Fingers

Some Hollywood Stars With Tattoos even managed to have tattoos on their fingers such as Rihanna. We can find the word love on her finger. Kelly Osbourne also has love symbol with red color on her finger. Both look really cute on girls and they don’t look scary or something. Tattoos on finger also a good option because it looks really nice to see.

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