History of Yakuza Tattoo

In Japan there is a special tattoo called Yakuza tattoo. This tattoo mostly used by yakuza, group of the crime organization mafia in Japan. These kinds of tattoo generally use all of area in body such as back. The tattoo in old days drawn utilize steel that sharpen or use bamboo or with other utensils. This process was quite long and full of pain, made this part become a ritual before enter the Yakuza world.

The person who want came to Yakuza world should tattoo it in front of people whose see these (mostly member or head clan). Then when endure the pain of tattoo processing would prove his commitment and devotion to organization. By the time passes Yakuza tattoo become more details covering entire body, bigger and elaborate, will shown their devotion and commitment that individual. The tattoo shown off just when would have organization event meet. Tattoo in that day for a Yakuza has represents their character with tattoo, tattoo itself also can affect the owner if it doesn’t match with personality which will alter his personality. This becomes a great risk at that day to use tattoo. If you has power and wise of dragon it might better to use dragon tattoo, don’t use others tattoo.

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