It is said that henna has been used for hundreds of years by the people in Africa, Asia and Middle East. At first, people used henna to cool down their bodies, for henna has a natural cooling properties. Henna has also been used as dye skin.

What is the difference between henna and tattoo?

Despite being called henna tatto, henna and tatto are two different things. The most prominent difference is that tattoo is permanent while henna is not. The other is that henna is much easier to apply, not to mention less painful. All you have to do to apply henna is to put the henna paste on your skin, it will like drawing with a marker.

Henna Tattoo Designs

Since it is easy to apply henna, you can experiment with henna tatto designs. The designs can be something as simple as stars and butterflies, to something as complicated as Indian Henna Designs. Tribal tattoo designs are said to be the most popular for its uniqueness. There are also Arabic and Indian Henna Style. Indian henna design covers most of the hand. The motifs vary from flowers, mango shapes, or religious symbols. Usually the symbols have some meaning, such elephant for prosperity and peacocks for grace. While Arabic henna designs leave more skin, for there is more space between one symbol and another. Arabic patterns usually consists of floral patterns.

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